The practice of law is demanding and requires both intelligence and experience. The law is a learned profession that requires those who practice it to have a wide variety of skills. It is essential to know what the law says and how it applies, and it is also crucial to know how to try a case to a jury. These skills only come through years of practice and through handling numerous cases.

It is not uncommon to have to do legal research in order to find out the answer to a question concerning a case. Sometimes the answer to a question takes a good amount of time and requires a diligent commitment to finding the answer. You want an attorney who enjoys the pursuit of an answer and who will use his or her training and experience to help you.

Miller Leonard formed Miller Leonard, PC to give detailed service to clients in need of help. He realized that each case is important and each client needs to have their case taken seriously. He also realized that what many clients need, along with excellent legal service, is to be listened to and to have their fears, concerns and thoughts taken seriously.

State and Federal Criminal Defense Case Experience

Attorney Miller Leonard has a wealth of experience in the area of criminal law, having served as a State Public Defender, State Prosecuting Attorney, and a Special Assistant United States Attorney. Now, with a private practice of his own, he is able to use the knowledge he gained from his experiences working in the criminal justice system to work for each of his clients.

As a Public Defender and Prosecutor Miller Leonard handled a wide variety of cases, including murder, serious violent crimes, sex crimes, white collar crimes, and cyber crimes. In addition to his practice in criminal defense, to better serve all client needs, he also handles civil matters such as compliance training and education, internal investigation and complex business litigation. With first hand knowledge and perspective on how government investigations work, Miller Leonard can anticipate the twists and turns of the legal system and can fight for the best legal outcome for his clients.

When you work with Miller Leonard, PC, you know you are working with a firm that is uniquely dedicated to your case. We put quality before quantity and limit the number of cases handled at any one time in order to provide superior legal representation.

Practicing Colorado Criminal Defense for Over 19 Years

Miller’s time in Colorado law has put focus on challenging Federal, State, and Municipal courts on criminal charges placed on individuals. More than 18 years make up his experience in criminal law, beginning by interning with the Missouri State Public Defenders in law school. After graduation, he worked for Legal Aid of Western Missouri, The Missouri State Public Defenders, a State Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and as a Special United States Attorney. Thousands of criminal cases developed before him from both sides of the court. The training and experience he gathered can be put to your benefit, working for you.

Miller’s extensive background in criminal law includes time as a former State Prosecuting Attorney, State Public Defender, and a former Special Assistant United States Attorney. He served as Special Prosecutor on select criminal matters and was appointed as Special Counsel to investigate a large, multi-state fraudulent scheme that involved millions of dollars in lost money and thousands of defrauded individuals. As a Public Defender and Prosecutor, Miller handled cases including serious violent crimes, murder, white collar crimes, cyber crimes, and sex crimes.

At Miller Leonard, PC, we believe your freedom is important and you deserve an attorney who will work with you and devote themselves to your case. Miller is proud of his role to help people in the criminal justice system. Everyone deserves a defense against charges brought by the government. Everyone is worthy of a lawyer who will believe them. Miller will walk with you in the process. We will fight your case together.