Miller Leonard Family Law Attorney

Family Law

Every family law case presents a unique and emotional challenge. At Miller Leonard Law Office, we guide clients in Colorado through their family law matters, and work to get them the best possible outcome for their cases. Our law firm gives clients excellent legal representation in family court and guidance through every step of their case.

We quickly respond to all messages and give clients advice that is easy to understand.

Our attorneys help clients facing many kinds of family law issues, including:

  • Divorce

  • Child Custody & Parenting Time

  • Child Support

  • Domestic Violence

  • Orders of Protection

  • Postnuptial and prenuptial agreements

  • Paternity Actions

  • Adoption & Guardianship

  • Grandparents’ Rights

  • Relocation with Children

  • Appellate Actions

  • Mediation

  • Modification Actions

  • Legal Name Change

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