Case Results

  • Assault Second Degree, Denver (when this charge carried a mandatory 5-year sentence): Client received probation and a reduced charge.
  • Assault Third (DV), Jefferson County: Charges dismissed.
  • Assault Third (DV), Douglas County: Charges reduced and client given a deferred sentence and judgment.
  • Assault Second Degree, Jefferson County (when this charge carried a mandatory 5-year sentence): Client received a deferred sentence and judgment on a reduced charge.
  • Federal Charge of Theft and False Statement (Felony): False statement dismissed with deferred prosecution (no conviction) on theft charge.
  • Federal Drug Charge, 10 Year Mandatory Minimum: Charge reduced to non-mandatory, non-drug felony – time served.
  • Felony Theft, Arapahoe County: Client received a deferred judgment and sentence.
  • Felony Tax, Federal: Client’s charges dismissed.
  • Felony Drugs (Mandatory Minimum of 10 years as charged), Federal: Client received a misdemeanor.
  • Shooting in an unsafe manner, Federal: Client’s charges dismissed pursuant to an agreement.
  • DUI (involving a car wreck and a high BAC): Client received probation and in home detention instead of a jail sentence.

These cases are representative of the type of matters handled by Miller Leonard, PC. The results listed are not an indication, nor are they a promise, of an outcome in any particular case. Each case is unique and each case’s outcome is predicated on a number of factors.