The Denver Police Department is among the nation’s more cutting-edge departments in their extensive use of body cameras. The police chief agreed to the expansion of body camera use in 2015 after a successful pilot program in downtown had concluded from the previous year. As… Read More

A Massachusetts judge recently ruled that a person’s speech can be blamed for another’s suicide. The case of a 20-year-old female from Taunton, Massachusetts who encouraged her boyfriend’s suicide gained national attention due to its far-reaching implications. If the case stands on appeal, the young… Read More

After a 3-month long investigation last year, federal agents working for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 54 individuals connected with a heroin drug trafficking ring. This marked a major breakthrough in the investigation that specifically targeted illegal immigrants trafficking heroin in the Denver area…. Read More

Portland, Oregon’s homeless crisis has impacted the city of Denver. A homeless Portland man with an extensive criminal background recently relocated to Denver and accumulated even more criminal charges. The city sent him right back by providing a one-way bus ticket to Portland. According to… Read More

If you are facing a federal criminal charge in Colorado, you need an attorney who understands the federal system.  The federal system is complex and demanding.  Talented prosecutors represent the government.  Don’t you want the same? One of the first differences between the federal criminal… Read More

Each year, major cities across the U.S. report their crime statistics to the FBI for the annual crime report. In 2015, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation noticed a significant uptick in criminal activity when compiling the annual Colorado Crime Report. Instances of auto theft, homicide,… Read More