The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for everyone.  One way the United States government attempted to help out businesses was by offering CARES Act loans.  Now many people and companies are finding themselves being investigated for CARES Act fraud. And I anticipate that these cases will only increase as the year moves on and the new administration gets their legal team at DOJ in place. 

These cases can result in wire fraud charges, bank fraud charges, making a false statement to a bank, and many other different charges, along with civil penalties and restitution.  The potential criminal penalties can be steep.

If you are under investigation for a CARES Act loan that you received, it is important to hire an attorney.  You do not want to try to handle this on your own.  You need an experienced, dedicated criminal defense attorney who has experience handling federal criminal cases.  Federal criminal cases are different than state cases and you need an attorney who knows federal court and knows how to defend you in federal court.

Whether your loan was a PPL loan or an EIDL loan, If you are under investigation, don’t wait to get an experienced, federal criminal defense attorney.

I have been practicing for over 22 years.  My practice is focused on helping people facing federal investigations and charges.  I routinely help train other lawyers in the area of federal criminal defense and I have the ability to get the necessary resources and team together to help defend you against the federal government.


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