Do I need a lawyer?  That is a question I am often asked. And it is an understandable question.  Hiring a lawyer is expensive.  It takes time.  It is one more thing to deal with on top of the criminal charge.

First, let’s back up. The government has filed charges against you. This means that the government believes you are guilty.  This means that the government wants to punish you for what they are saying you did.  

Second, does the government have a lawyer?  Yes, in fact, the government has many lawyers.  And the job of those lawyers is to prosecute the case that has been filed against you. Their job is not to give you advice, help you plan a defense, tell you the problems with the case, or to help you plan a strategy to avoid jail.  

On top of having numerous lawyers, the government has the full resources of law enforcement on their side.  They have investigators in the District Attorney’s Office ready to work on the case.  And the government has Victim Advocates to help ensure that the alleged victim comes to court and testifies against you.

The deck is stacked against you if you have been charged with a crime.  And the only way to even the playing field is to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer.  Otherwise, you are alone.  And you don’t want to be alone when your liberty is at stake.

Give me a call.  I enjoy helping people.  I enjoy fighting the government and making sure that my clients are protected from the overwhelming resources of the government.


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