If you worked hard to get your CDL, don’t risk losing it by going to court and handling your own ticket.

Don’t expect the DA or City Attorney to put any thought into the fact that you have a CDL. They won’t.

You need someone to help you through the process.  Otherwise, you may be putting your CDL at risk.

Broadly stated, there are two classifications of CDL driving violations: Major Offenses that disqualify your license or Serious Offense, which don’t result in a disqualification but which can have 60 and 120 day disqualification depending on how many you get in a 3 year period.

Railroad crossing violations can have similar disqualification issues, a 60 day for your first and then a 120 day for a second in 3 years, with a third and subsequent resulting in a disqualification of not less than 1 year.

And there are also possible disqualifications for out-of-service Order violations.

You worked hard to get your CDL. Make sure you get help if your CDL is facing sanctions due to a ticket.

If you need help with a CDL violation, please call me at 720-613-8783.Miller Leonard
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