Federal criminal charges are frightening. The federal government has enormous resources that they are able to use in any criminal case.  Unlike state court, bond is not always given in federal court.  In fact, in federal court, it is not uncommon for people to be detained without bond until their case goes to trial or they enter a guilty plea.  

Detention hearings are when a person who is facing federal charges gets the chance to argue that they should remain free until their case is determined.  And this means that detention hearings are crucial hearings for any federal defendant.  Lose a detention hearing and you are likely spending months behind bars awaiting trial.  Win a detention hearing and you get the chance to remain free.  Plus, it is very common for people who win a detention hearing to be placed on pretrial supervision.  Pretrial supervision in the federal system is, often, very good for a client.  The government has much more resources available and I have seen a number of clients gets meaningful help while on federal pretrial release.

Often people know that they are under federal investigation before they are charged. If this is the case, it is crucial to get the assistance of a federal criminal defense attorney as early as possible.  For the purposes of this article, the focus is on detention.  And the earlier you engage a knowledgeable federal criminal defense lawyer, the more time you can devote to preparing for a detention hearing or possibly avoiding one altogether.

I have been successful at winning the pretrial release for many clients facing federal charges. These victories have been truly beneficial for my clients.  While my past victories doesn’t mean that I can be successful in your case, I am very versed in the federal detention procedures and law. 

Like most things in life, proper preparation is often the difference between a good outcome and a bad outcome.  If you or your loved one is under investigation by the federal government, give me a call.  Time isn’t on your side so it is important to get an experienced, dedicated federal criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.


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