Federal criminal defense is different than state criminal defense.  The law is different. The types of charges are different. The scope of the investigations is usually wider. The amount of resources devoted by the government are significantly greater in federal cases than in state cases. And, typically, the penalties in federal cases are steeper when compared with state criminal cases.

Most criminal defense lawyers do not handle federal cases. But at Miller Leonard, PC we not only handle federal criminal defense cases, we focus on handling these cases. Over the years, we have honed our resources to provide detailed, focused federal criminal defense.

What makes us different? First, Miller Leonard is a former Special Assistant United States Attorney.  So, he knows how the government works.  Following his work for the government, Mr. Leonard went on to focus his firm towards defending people accused of serious federal crimes. As a result, Mr. Leonard has developed the resources and experience necessary to defend cases in federal court.

If you are facing federal criminal defense charges, you need to make sure that you hire an experienced, qualified, respected federal criminal defense attorney.  Experience matters!  Having handled cases where clients are under investigation by a federal grand jury to federal criminal trials, put our experience to work for you. 

Federal law is challenging.  The government hires good, experienced attorneys.  Don’t you want the same?


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