The statistics tell us that the overwhelming majority of cases end up as a guilty plea before a Judge. A small minority of cases go to trial. A small percentage of cases end up in an outright acquittal. So in every criminal case it is… Read More

Do I need a lawyer?  That is a question I am often asked. And it is an understandable question.  Hiring a lawyer is expensive.  It takes time.  It is one more thing to deal with on top of the criminal charge. First, let’s back up…. Read More

Probation is a common requirement of criminal sentences in Colorado. However, courts will impose different probationary requirements depending on the circumstances. Courts may grant unsupervised probation in Colorado under certain circumstances. You must comply with the conditions of your probation, or you may face serious… Read More

With the rise in cell phone use and electronic messaging, sexting occurs frequently among adults and, increasingly, among teens. Sexting or sex texting involves the sending and receiving of sexually explicit images or videos by cell phone, email, or similar digital communication. While consenting adults… Read More

Self-defense is a legal defense to a criminal accusation or charge. Successfully arguing self-defense helps you avoid being convicted of a crime. To be successful, you need to prove: You reasonably believed you were about to suffer imminent and unlawful harm; You reasonably believed immediate… Read More

In Colorado, juvenile crimes are those that involve minors between the ages of 10 and 18. For the most part, courts treat juvenile offenders differently than adult offenders. However, the penalties for these crimes can be similar to adult crimes, especially if they are felonies…. Read More

Stealing even a small item in Colorado rates as a crime. Petty theft charges in Colorado can occur when anyone intentionally steals property valued at less than $50. A petty theft charge in Colorado falls under the category of a petty offense. In Colorado, a… Read More