A young man from California decided to plead guilty to several wildlife violations and has been sentenced to pay thousands of dollars in fines and restitutions. After his stream of criminal convictions he could possibly lose all hunting and fishing privileges in Colorado and 43 other states for the rest of his life. The man faced two charges of felony illegal outfitting, but rather than face the possibility of jail time, he pleaded guilty and consented to pay fines for several misdemeanor offenses, one of which included aggravated illegal possession of wildlife.

In addition, he pleaded guilty to providing false information, which he used to acquire Colorado resident hunting licenses. For this offense and all subsequent misdemeanor offenses, he has agreed to pay thousands in fines. He also pleaded guilty to hunting without valid documentation, illegal possession of a deer, and wasting the meat of what he hunted.

Rather than serve any time in a county jail or state prison, the convicted offender has agreed to pay five thousand dollars in fines to account for all his misdemeanor convictions. He has also agreed to pay $6,000 in donations to a state anti-poaching program and to pay back more than $5,000 to hunters he led on excursions for which he profited.

There is a possibility that the man will completely lose all permissions for hunting and fishing for life in all the states that participate in the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact. In the meantime, he has been completely barred from hunting, fishing, outfitting, or guiding for a term of 24 months as the result of a deferred judgment and sentence on behalf of the judge. The 24-month deferred judgment and sentence came on the condition that the young man would not commit any further wildlife violations during that period.

If you face felony charges for misdemeanor or felony wildlife offenses in Colorado, you need an experienced and determined criminal defense attorney. Miller Leonard, PC is a former Special Assistant United States Navy Attorney, a former State Prosecutor, and a former State Public Defender who has practiced criminal law for over 17 years. Call 720-613-8783 for a free legal consultation or contact us online.


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