Investigators are cracking down on crimes that may never have been solved with the help of a national database that logs shell and bullet casings. All over the country, police are firing the guns of suspected criminals to record the casings of the bullets kept in the guns they confiscate. Colorado law enforcement is participating in the state’s own database to close cases that have been stagnant for quite some time.

The National Integrated Ballistic Network, or NIBIN, has recently been credited with connecting unsolved crimes in two separate locations in Colorado with one particular suspect. Some ATF special agents believe it is substantially altering the way they complete their duties. Without this system, the suspect may never have been caught.

The 32-year-old suspect was tied to a shooting that took place over three years ago in Denver, in which he allegedly shot at two men on Super Bowl Sunday. This was the result of discovering matching shell casings when the suspect was arrested for an unrelated incident in 2015 in which the gun was found in his car. The NIBIN made it possible to link that gun to incidents occurring in Denver and Colorado Springs.

He was formally charged by Denver District Attorney Prosecutors with attempted first-degree murder. The Denver police detective working on behalf of the ATF’s Crime Gun Intelligence Center claims he did everything he could imagine as a detective to identify those responsible for the drive by shootings, and would have been unsuccessful without the NIBIN.

The Denver drive-by that took place on Super Bowl Sunday had gone cold for two years before NIBIN matched shell casings left at the scene of another shooting in Colorado Springs. The suspect pleaded guilty in Denver and is now in custody in Colorado Springs. In just one year’s time, police throughout the greater Denver area have entered 2,047 shell casings into the NIBIN. Investigators have managed to link them to 351 crimes.

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