After a 3-month long investigation last year, federal agents working for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 54 individuals connected with a heroin drug trafficking ring. This marked a major breakthrough in the investigation that specifically targeted illegal immigrants trafficking heroin in the Denver area. The operation was the first of its kind.

ICE agents were aided by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and the U.S. Attorney’s Office Colorado District. The operation ran from May 31st through September 2nd of 2016. An ICE agent was quoted as saying that in the past several years, much of the heroin resurgence in the Denver area can be traced back to illegal immigrants smuggling, transporting, and distributing it.

Of the 54 suspects arrested, the U.S. Attorney’s office discovered that over 20 of them had been previously deported. Many have previous convictions for serious drug crimes and came back from Honduras to Denver and surrounding areas to commit further crimes. Coming back to the United States after having been deported is a criminal offense in and of itself.

Those with the most serious charges against them currently face federal heroin trafficking charges, distribution charges, charges of possession with intent to distribute, and transporting controlled substances charges. Federal drug offenses are among the most severe federal charges and could result in devastating penalties without strong legal representation.

Anyone in a similar situation facing federal drug charges should immediately work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect their interests. Attorney Miller Leonard of Golden, Colorado has practiced criminal law for over 17 years and focuses on federal cases. He is a former State Prosecuting Attorney, a State Public Defender, and a Special Assistant United States Attorney. Call (720) 613-8783 for a free legal consultation to discuss your criminal case or contact us.


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