Property crimes such as car theft have become more prevalent throughout the state of Colorado in recent years. In 2015, nearly 193,000 cars were stolen in Colorado, up 30% from 2014, or about 3,500 cars per week. Vehicle owners are stunned to discover their cars… Read More

Firearms are being stolen right out of the walls of gun dealers at an alarming rate both nationally and at the state level. In Colorado, gun thefts are higher than they have ever been in a decade, which has raised concerns among law enforcement that… Read More

In Colorado, the numbers of people dying in county jails is following a grisly national trend upward. In just 4 years, the rate of inmates dying on the premises of Colorado jails has more than doubled. Data by The Denver Post reveals that 11 inmates… Read More

Client confidentiality is one of the oldest practices available to professionals. Within Colorado criminal law, it is considered a fundamental right to all. Within the legal space, the attorney-client privilege protects clients from self-incrimination, as is stated within the 5th Amendment. This protection is what… Read More