Each year, major cities across the U.S. report their crime statistics to the FBI for the annual crime report. In 2015, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation noticed a significant uptick in criminal activity when compiling the annual Colorado Crime Report. Instances of auto theft, homicide, and rape in Colorado all increased from the previous year.

One hundred ninety-three thousand one hundred fifteen cars were reported stolen in 2015, up 27.7% from 2014. One hundred seventy-two homicides were also reported in Colorado, up almost 15% from the previous year. Regarding homicides, the city of Pueblo had the highest homicide rate anywhere in the state, with 11.1 killings per 100,000 residents. Rape also increased by 10% from 2014.

For the most part, these statistics align with those in other states. The rate of homicides and overall violent crime is trending upward across the country. Some believe this is due to increased drug and gang activity. The only type of violent crime that did not uptick in other states was rape.

Coloradans who were murder victims were most likely to be killed in their own homes by someone they knew who owned a gun. Of the 172 killed, 70% knew their killers as acquaintances and friends, spouses, or parents. Over half (55%) of these homicides took place inside a residence, and 66% of the 172 were shot to death, making a firearm the weapon of choice. Statistics in CBI’s report also revealed that men were both more likely to be victims (three times more) and more likely to be killers (6 times more) than women.

Many victims of these homicides were relatively young — a quarter of victims were between 22 and 29, while 20% were between 30 and 39. Oftentimes, police did not know the reason behind the homicide. The reason was filed as “Unknown circumstances.”

While crime has gone up in recent years, in the bigger picture it has actually continued to drop compared to previous decades. If you are the suspect of a criminal investigation for theft, rape or homicide, contact attorney Miller Leonard for a strong criminal defense. After practicing criminal law for over 17 years, he has the experience you need on your side. Mr. Leonard has worked as a former State Prosecuting Attorney, a State Public Defender, and a Special Assistant United States Attorney. Call (720) 613-8783 or contact Golden Criminal Defense for a free legal consultation.


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