I started my practice handling misdemeanor offenses and worked my way up to handling the most serious felony cases. I learned from excellent mentors how to try cases and fight the charges against my clients. Nothing is a substitute for experience, especially when your freedom is at stake. – Miller Leonard, Esq.

You need someone who will stand by you, advocate for you, help you, believe in you and walk with you if you are facing criminal charges. Experience and skill are needed for criminal defense cases and investigations.

Court is a demanding place to practice. It is expected that Criminal Defense Attorneys will have extensive criminal law experience. In fact, many attorneys who practice criminal defense do not practice in Court.

In order to have a solid foundation as a criminal defense lawyer, it is necessary to have handled many cases and to have worked your way up from minor offenses to serious criminal charges. This solid base is necessary if you want to practice criminal defense in Court. Unlike most state jurisdictions, discovery in court is not a guarantee and often what you do get is limited. Also, the rules of sentencing are stacked against Defendant’s and require a Criminal Defense Attorney who is willing to spend the time to research each and every sentencing allegation, should a case come to that.

Miller Leonard, P.C. handles cases in the following practice areas:

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