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The term ‘cyber crimes’ refers to a broad range of computer-based offenses, from internet luring and enticement of a child, to computer hacking or identity theft. Cyber crimes charges are notoriously complex, and require an experienced cyber crimes attorney. You may face a cyber crimes charge under Colorado state law or under federal If you have been charged with a computer crime, you should get immediate legal help.

Colorado criminal defense attorney Miller Leonard has the skills and experience needed to handle cyber/internet crimes cases. Mr. Leonard has been practicing criminal law for nearly two decades, and he has experience on all sides of the law, serving as both a State Public Defender and a State Prosecutor. If you have been charged with a cyber crime in the Denver area, please contact our legal team today for a free, fully confidential consultation.

Common Types of Cyber Crime Cases

Cyber and computer crime cases come in many different forms. No matter the specific circumstances of your case, you should seek professional guidance from a qualified criminal defense lawyer. It is advisable to work with an attorney who has relevant experience. Some examples of cyber crimes cases that our law firm handles include:

  • Hacking;
  • Computer fraud;
  • Identity theft;
  • Cyberstalking;
  • Child exploitation;
  • Possession or distribution of child pornography;
  • Enticement or luring of a minor.

Miller Leonard Has Specific Cyber Crimes Training

If you are facing cyber crimes charges, particularly state or federal child sex crimes charges, you need a qualified legal advocate by your side. Most criminal lawyers have limited experience with this area of law. Miller Leonard has received training in his role as a Special Assistant United States Attorney. He helped to found a unit focused on these matters, and even wrote a manual on investigating cyber crimes cases. Whether you are facing an internet sting, child exploitation charges, charges for the distribution, production or possession of child pornography, or any other computer-based offense, Mr. Leonard has the skills to represent you.

Cyber Crimes are Highly Technical

Cyber/internet crimes are a unique, still developing area of criminal law. One of the many things that sets internet-based charges apart from other types of criminal cases is that these crimes often involve an unusually large amount of investigative matters. There are typically subpoenas, search warrants for computers, expert computer reports, and other issues that are not frequently present in many other areas of law.

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