Colorado Felony Lawyer Defending Your Rights

man arrestedIf you were arrested for felony crimes in Colorado, it is important to understand just how serious these cases are. Depending on the exact nature of the charges, you may face a lengthy prison term, probation, and steep fines. Plus, the consequences of a conviction may follow you around long after you serve your sentence. You could have a permanent criminal record and there are severe implications if you are going through the immigration process. When facing tough offenses, you need a knowledgeable felony lawyer who is dedicated to fighting for your rights.

Miller Leonard has worked on both sides of a felony case, having spent years as a prosecutor before moving into private practice as a Colorado criminal defense attorney. He knows the nuances of law and strategies for attacking the allegations against you, and is dedicated to getting the best possible outcome in your case.

When you work with Miller Leonard, PC, you get peace of mind knowing that you have solid representation, enhanced trial skills, and experience on your side.

Skilled Advocacy in Tough Felony Criminal Cases

The stress of felony charges may seem overwhelming, but you should always keep in mind that an arrest does not equal a conviction. The prosecuting attorney must prove each element of a felony crime under Colorado law beyond a reasonable doubt, you are entitled to your day in court.

Your criminal defense lawyer’s primary objectives are to identify the weaknesses in the case against you and present defenses to the charges. The specific tactics to reach these goals may vary, but they usually involve motion practice. A defense attorney is likely to use:

  • Pre-Trial Motions: There are multiple stages in a criminal case before you get to trial, during which time you can file pre-trial motions to contest various aspects of your case. You may request the court to:
    • Suppress evidence that was obtained illegally or under circumstances that violated your constitutional rights;
    • Compel evidence or the appearance of witnesses that may exculpate you, but which the prosecutor controls; or,
    • Dismiss your case, perhaps due to an expired statute of limitations or double jeopardy.
  • Trial Motions: Once your case goes to trial, you still have the opportunity to defend yourself through such tactics as:
    • A motion to dismiss on the grounds that the prosecutor did not meet the burden in a criminal case; or,
    • Raising an affirmative defense, which is essentially a way of justifying your actions. Self-defense, duress, and entrapment are examples of affirmative defenses.

Note that there may be opportunities to engage in negotiations for a plea bargain in Colorado felony crimes cases. With the help of an accomplished criminal defense lawyer, it may be possible to reduce the nature of the charges or your potential punishment.

Discuss Your Criminal Defense with an Experienced Colorado Felony Lawyer

If you were charged with a felony, it is critical to retain an attorney that knows the details of Colorado criminal law and procedural rules. Please contact the criminal defense firm of Miller Leonard, PC at (720) 613-8783 to schedule a consultation and hear more about your legal options.