Colorado Probation Violation Lawyer Protecting Your Interests

Businessman standing at doorThere are numerous advantages of resolving a criminal case through probation, as it offers a way of avoiding the harsh implications of incarceration. However, a probation violation in Colorado is a serious matter involving severe consequences. If you do not strictly follow the terms of your probation, even minor or unintentional acts of noncompliance can lead to fines, extension of your probationary period, or jail time. With your personal freedoms on the line in a probation violation proceeding, you need superior legal representation from a knowledgeable, dedicated probation violation lawyer that will protect your interests.

Colorado criminal defense lawyer Miller Leonard has years of experience in all aspects of criminal law, having spent time as both a prosecutor and defense counsel. He has the in-depth knowledge and trial skills necessary to fight for your rights, and the compassion to understand that you are overwhelmed by the complex criminal process. When you retain Miller Leonard, PC to handle your probation violation matter, you can feel confident knowing your case is in good hands.

Solid Legal Support with Probation Violation Proceedings

Most cases involving probation violation under Colorado law arise out of two situations:

  • A technical probation violation may occur if you do not obey the terms set forth in the order issued by the court. You could face sanctions if you:
    • Fail a mandatory drug test;
    • Do not attend required programs for drug or alcohol abuse, anger management, or domestic violence;
    • Do not report a change of address or employment;
    • Miss a meeting with your probation officer; or,
    • Other violations of the specific conditions in your case.
  • You face issues with a substantive probation violation if you are arrested on a new crime after an order of probation was issued regarding the underlying crime.

A probation violation lawyer can help you fight both types of probation violation charges; however, you should note that these proceedings are distinct from a typical criminal case.

Your Rights in a Colorado Probation Violation Case

The Colorado court process and procedural rules are different in probation violation cases as compared to the underlying crime that led to probation. A criminal defense attorney that knows the details of these proceedings can advise you.

  • Unlike a criminal case where the prosecutor must prove that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, a court may find you in violation of your probation if it was merely likely that you did not comply.
  • A probation violation matter proceeds before a judge, not a jury.
  • Some of the procedural rules covering a criminal case do not apply, so the protections you expect may not exist.

The consequences of a probation violation in Colorado may include the prison time that you would have faced if you were not granted probation. There is also the potential for fines, community service, an extension of your probationary period, and other sanctions.

Consult with a Skilled Criminal Defense Lawyer on Colorado Probation Violation

Colorado law offers you a second chance through probation, but you face serious punishment for a probation violation. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help, so please contact Miller Leonard, PC at (720) 613-8783 about your case. We can schedule a consultation to discuss your circumstances and options.